Kurt Vonnegut & Phish: Tracing the Orbital Curves


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Kurt Vonnegut’s contribution of Hook,

Line & Sinker to The

Greatest Album Covers That Never Were, portions of which are currently

on display

at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, inspired me to take a closer

look at the relationship between Mr. Vonnegut and Phish. By and by

I started to feel snowed under and figured now was as good a time

as any to share some of the interviews and notes I’ve collected in

the name of this project thus far. Now these conversations don’t get at a specific thesis or answer a certain question, but you might

say they foreshadow the sort of formalized, academically tuned investigation

that was my original goal.

Jon Fishman noted in the May

2000 Fish’s Forum, “I missed the boat once when I was young

and stupid, but now I am able to miss the boat repeatedly with great

skill and accuracy.” While the timbre of this statement corresponds

to the brand of self-effacing humor employed at times by Vonnegut,

it also describes my feelings on this project to an extent. I didn’t

exactly accomplish what I set out to achieve a few months back, it’s

still a work in progress; phase one of a bigger project to be completed

at a later date.

At any rate, I am very proud to share the thoughts of Tom Marshall,

Richard Gehr, Max Prior, and Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.) on the topic

at hand. The degree of humanity and intelligence exhibited herein

is almost overwhelming. Indeed, their respective works, all unique

in their own way, are touchstones to which I aspire.




Richard Gehr

(featuring Max Prior)


Bruce Hampton, Ret.

Kurt Vonnegut and

other bands

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