Holiday Cheer VII: Batch #42

With the arrival of fall, and the festive season just around the corner, this month I brewed up the Holiday Cheer VII. It should come in at a cool 5.4% alcohol with a sweet, cinnamon taste (I hope!).


Ingredient Quantity
John Bull dark malt extract 3.5 lbs
John Bull light malt extract 3.5 lbs
Black patent malt 1/4 lb
Briess Victory Malt 1/2 lb
Chocolate Malt 1/4 lb
Cascade hop pellets 2 oz
Saaz hop pellets -finishing 1/2 oz
Bitter Orange Peel 1 oz
Cinnamon Sticks 1 oz
Vanilla beans 2
Dried chile peppers 3
Brown Sugar 1 c
Gypsum 2 tsp
Irish moss 1 tsp
Priming sugar 4 tbsp — 1 tspn in each keg
European liquid ale yeast 1 pkg
Corn sugar 1 lb

brewed: 9/9/04

specific gravities:

Date Specific Gravity Temp Specific Gravity @ 60
Start 9/9/04 1.054 76 Farenheit 1.056
1st: 9/15/04 1.019 74 1.021
2nd: 9/27/04 1.014 72 1.015

Bottled: 9/27/04 2 5L kegs / 11, 22oz Bottles

Expected % of alc by vol.: 5.4%


Add the crushed victory, black patent, and chocolate malts to 1 1/2 gallons of cold water and bring to a boil. When the boiling commences remove the grains. Then combine all of the ingredients (except the yeast, finishing hops, irish moss, and corn sugar) and continue to boil for 45 minutes. Add the irish moss during the final 10 minutes and the finishing hops and corn sugar during the final 2 minutes of boiling. Sparge the wort into your fermenter and cold water. Pitch the yeast when cool. Bottle when fermentation is complete.

Next Month:


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