Reverse the Curse Hazelnut Coffee Stout: Batch #43

This month I brewed up my “Reverse the Curse” Hazelnut Coffee Stout. Good story behind the name; I brewed it the night of Game 4 against the Yanks. I don’t remember if I did that because I was sick of the Sox and wanted something to do during the game, or I had a feeling something big was going to happen. I pitched the yeast in the 9th inning, and that’s when the Sox came back and didn’t look back. Hence the name…


Ingredient Quantity
Dark malt extract 7 lbs
Crushed rystal malt 1/2 lb
Roasted barley 1/2 lb
Black patent malt 1/2 lb
Northern brewer hops (boiling) 1 oz
Perle hops (finishing) 1/2 oz
Gypsum 8 tsp
Irish moss 1 tsp
Hazelnut coffee 1 lb
Priming sugar 4 tbsp — 1 tsp in each keg
Irish liquid yeast 1 pkg — 1 pt of water to 1/2 cup of light
Corn sugar 1 lb – malt extract 5 hrs before pitched

brewed: 10/17/04

specific gravities:

Date Specific Gravity Temp Specific Gravity @ 60
Start 10/17/04 1.054 746 Farenheit 1.056
1st: 10/27/04 1.020 70 1.021
2nd: 11/1/04 1.020 70 1.021

Bottled: 11/1/04 2 5L kegs / 12, 22oz Bottles

Expected % of alc by vol.: 4.6%


Add the crushed crystal, roasted barley, and black patent malts to 1 1/2 gallons of cold water. After boiling commences, remove the spent grains and add the malt extract, gypsum, boiling hops, and hazelnut coffee and continue to boil for 60 minutes. Add the irish moss during the last 10 minutes of the boil. Add the corn sugar and finishing hops during the final two minutes of the boil. Sparge the hot wort into the fermenter with 3 1/2 gallons of water.

Next Month:

Brewing up a Scotch Ale this month to keep me warm this winter; this usually comes in at a hefty 8% alcohol.

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