Devin Phillips – Portland via New Orleans

There is a harmonic rumbling emanating from Portland Oregon, and if you listen quite closely you might hear the sweet sound of a sax floating through the air. Devin Phillips is making quite a splash on the Portland music scene, and his road to P-town is an epic tale of devastation and rebirth. Almost as amazing as is his musical chops on his tenor and soprano saxophone, is the tumultuous path that led him here.

Phillips is one of the hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents whose lives were changed forever during Hurricane Katrina. He had grown up in New Orleans as a child, and he had even been playing the Jazz Festival in some capacity since he was twelve. As the warnings of the storm began to roll in, he was one of the lucky ones who had the resources to have been able to get out safely. One day before the storm hit, he and three friends grabbed whatever they could save and drove up to Shreveport, La. to his father

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