Jeff Tweedy Punches Fan During Wilco Show

Jeff Tweedy has spoken out about an incident during Wilco’s Monday night (Oct. 16) concert in Springfield, Mo., where he punched a male fan who had jumped onto the stage and grabbed the singer from behind. In a post on Wilco’s Web site, the band says it felt unsafe all night long and had already endured a stage-crasher earlier in the show.

"I wish it had gone another way," Tweedy says. "And I suspect had I felt safer on that stage, had security been doing a better job all night long, well, things would have gone differently. He approached me from behind and I reacted in defense to get him away. I didn’t know what his intentions were, and I had to get him off of me. I’m sad that it happened at all."

"I feel terrible," Tweedy told the crowd following the incident. "I don’t like to punch someone in the face. It sucks. We can make it better. I was having a really good time, but now I want to go sit down somewhere. But we can’t do that. We’re not gonna let those bastards win."

Source Billboard

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