Everyone Orchestra: Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT 10.5.06

What happens when great jam bands break apart or lose one of their key players? The Everyone Orchestra happens, and that’s the exact void they filled on their recent North East fall tour.

As always, Everyone Orchestra took to the road with an All-Star line up of talented musicians. With the likes of Matt Butler, Jon Fishman, Peter Apfelbaum, Jeff Coffin, Asher Fulero, Jamie Janover, Steve Kimock, Scott Law, Jamie Masefield, Reed Mathis, Julee Avalone and more, the talent was over the top. And from the first note it all overflowed directly onto the crowd that ended up being blessed with an exceptional tour. And while most bands bless the audience at that exact moment, Everyone Orchestra also blesses the local and global issues we face as a whole each and everyday, such as the ecology and the homeless.

The improvisational styled collaborations of Everyone Orchestra rocked the house again on each and every stop – Amusing, mystifying and electrifying all of the souls that were able to make their way around. Awakening the ears and breaking the jam band mold with a "jam band conductor" morphing the musicians and their instruments through countless phases and sounds to places that many don’t even know exist.

The energy and sounds came from all directions as each and every body grooved to the beat, whether it was Jamie and his dulcimer rapping away, Reed thumping the strings of his bass, Fishman on drums or one of the many other talents empowering the stage. It’s what Everyone Orchestra is. An improvisational, note morphing tune ranting.. It..

It finally came to me, Everyone Orchestra is just that, "IT"…

And with that I’ll say once more that the tunes, the people and the energy have something special. Something that can fill the void, that can turn on the lights, that can re-awaken the spirit into the world of free flowing music, and it’s this something that I will rush out to be a part of at any opportunity I can get.

For more info see: EveryoneOrchestra.com

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