Forward, Russia : Give Me A Wall

Just in time for the twentieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, comes this gruesome mutation of every post-Strokes dance-rock band of note.  No balalaikas here, just the death knell of that frantic post-punk staccato high hat tickle Hot Hot Bloc Party sound that’s been beat to death since every drummer on the planet decided to play each song like “Everlong.”  Beat like a dead horse.  Like Frou-Frou after he fell in Anna Karenina.  Doesn’t help that the guitarist is named after a brand of cat food (Whiskas).  And when vocalist Tom hits the high notes, he treads dangerously close to Justin “Rehab” Hawkins of The Darkness.

Eleven tracks, each one a number (“Nine,” “Sixteen,” “Fifteen Parts 1 & 2”), none of it sequential, none of it essential.  Give Me a Wall?  Give me Tilly & the Wall.

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