Vegoose Artists Ready To Hit The Strip

With the 2nd annual Vegoose Music Festival just days away, some of the event’s biggest performers recently discussed the eagerly awaited Vegas weekend.  Ok, so it wasn’t just "us" – it was a conference call with a few dozen media outlets – but we did get some insight from Jack White about his gambling habits (or lack there of) and Chan Marshall’s cover album she’s making in Mexico…among other things.

Here are some of the better quotes to get you amped up before you start packing!   Vegas baby! yeah!

“It is [a homecoming] in a way, yes, particularly with our new costumes that we’re wearing on stage, that I feel that I’m bringing back the spirit of my parents’ lounge act that they had in Vegas in the ‘70s where my mother, as the story goes, apparently went into labor with me on stage at the Sands Hotel.” – Jenny Lewis, who was born in Las Vegas

“The last time I remember doing something for Halloween I was dressed as Frankenstein and I was asked into somebody’s house and it got really, really odd.  Actually I was never asked into somebody’s house before, some man, and it was very strange.  He wouldn’t let me leave.  And I think that sort of was the last time I went out trick-or-treating.” – Jack White on the Halloween spirit  

“I’m going to try to find the oldest casino and probably blow $400 and then of course make it all back.  And then I want to go thrift store shopping for cowboy boots and overalls.” – Chan Marshall on her Vegas plans

“I went to Lollapalooza one year.  Honestly, I don’t remember anything except the Jim Rose freak show that was going on.” – Brendan Benson on favorite festival memories

“Bob Dylan” – Chan Marshall on the best in music history

“No, never.  Not in the age of YouTube.” – Jack White on debuting new songs at Vegoose

“We have been working with our merch girl, who has designed dresses for us based on the idea that I had based on a dress that Tina Turner wore.  And so, we’ve got some long gowns and some sparkly dresses as well, which is kind of like a girl’s dream come true, to be able to play a show and get dressed up.” – Jenny Lewis on a special Halloween costume for Vegoose

“Burying some bodies out in the desert…” – Brendan Benson on what he‘s looking forward to doing while in Vegas

“Well, it’s political because politics is a thing that affects normal everyday people.  ((inaudible)) politician (are deep into) politics.  But I like to think about things that I think affect me and my generation.  In that sense, I think the political issues are very broad and a lot of people can relate to them.  So, I think it will go over well.” – Damien Marley on the reaction he expects to his political songs at Vegoose

“I never thought I’d be like…opening up for the Black Crowes who I used to sing in high school Mr. Crowe’s Garden in the back of the grocery store in Atlanta. – Chan Marshall

Pitchfork recently reviewed the idea that the Raconteurs are covering a song called “Bang Bang.”  They’re not reviewing a record or a version from a show that they saw.  They’re reviewing the idea that we’re doing it.  And now, how does that make us feel about going and recording it now?  Because we haven’t recorded it yet.  So, there you go.  I mean, there’s the Internet invading and attempting to destroy the possibility of creativity.” – Jack White

“I just try to remember that my team, my friends who would become friends and family with my band.  I try to remember that we’re in it together.  I start with the front row and try to work my way back, try to sing to as many people as I can.” – Chan Marshall on playing to a large crowd

“I think the way my life is I don’t even know what a costume is anymore…” – Jack White on whether or not he plans to dress up for Halloween

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