Thea Gilmore: Harpo’s Ghost


The latest offering from acclaimed British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore isn’t that far of a departure from her Avalanche or Songs From The Gutter releases – full of quality songs and equally high levels of musicianship. But this time there is a bit more bite or edge, especially with the somewhat heady “The Gambler” which pays off in spades. “Everybody’s Numb” comes off a tad lightweight, in a politicized Alanis vein, though she nails the softer, folksy “Red White And Black” perfectly. Just as pretty and instantly catchy is the slow-building roots pop oozing out of “Call Me Your Darling” and infectious “Contessa.”  Gilmore’s consistent knack for great tunes comes through with the dark, groovy “We Built A Monster” as well as with the mid-tempo vibe fuelling “Going Down.”   As a full collection, it’s an album that has more rock elements than you might expect, with “Cheap Tricks,”  a summery, breezy pop nugget shining through. 

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