Birdmonster: No Midnight


On their debut album No Midnight, Birdmonster has succeeded in producing a work that ought to please fans of generic indie rock – while not particularly challenging them.  The band was apparently aiming for something “that mirrored their live show” – and if the  recording is any indication, they put on a stellar live show.  FuNoll of energy, one can easily imagine the intensity with which the 13 tracks on No Midnight could be presented in a hot, noisy club setting.  While breaking little new ground, one imagines Birdmonster delivering a live set not unlike Modest Mouse or The Stills, the pure intensity of their interest in the music and their instruments enough to carry the audience on a cathartic, sweaty ride.

All this is not to say that No Midnight doesn’t have its merits.  It competently swings between ballads and more rockin’ numbers, iand is neither lyrically nor instrumentally bereft.  Further, Birdmonster occasionally explores a-traditional instrumentation, such as melodica and cello.  In short, while not a particularly groundbreaking album, it is surely worth a good listen.

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