Tea Leaf Green: Rock ‘n’ Roll Band


Since the 2005 release of Taught to Be Proud, San Francisco’s Tea Leaf Green has exploded onto the music scene — winning the Jammy’s “Song of the Year” for the album’s title track, taking on an extensive road schedule and rightfully earning an ever-expanding fanbase.  Their newest release, Rock ‘N’ Roll Band, compounds on their early success, with a combo live album/film, both of which aspire to capture the essence of the young outfit at a most pivotal stage.

Both the CD and DVD include highlights of a recent performance at the historic Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, offering a notable glimpse of the band’s collective musical prowess.  Keyboardist Trevor Garrod’s impeccable songwriting compliments his genuine, warm vocal delivery on “Taught to Be Proud” and “One Reason,” while  guitarist Josh Clark offers nods to a psychedelic side on rocking renditions of “Franz Hanzerbeak” and “Criminal Intent.”  Both explosive cuts are driven home when coupled with “The Garden Part III” and “Jezebel” showcasing the band’s insatiable, improvisational skills. 

The DVD is a loosely compiled documentary directed by Justin Kreutzmann, (son of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann), offering an even blend of concert footage and interviews.  The feverous rockers may leave the most lasting impression, but the intimate footage of Garrod’s acoustic work on “Flippin the Bird” is a striking highlight. 

Both accompaniments encapsulate the ‘fledgling rock band sweating it out night after night’ motif, though this one leaves you with more than just potential.  Rock ‘n’ Roll Band is a colorful chapter in what promises to be a grand career. 

For more info see: tealeafgreen.com


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