Bobby Bare Jr.’s Young Criminal’s Starvation League: The Longest Meow


One of Nashville’s favorite sons, Bobby Bare Jr. has done it again.  Pulling a who’s who of indie rock and roll together, the Young Criminal’s Starvation League churned out a bright album with The Longest Meow.  Eleven musicians including Jim James, Patrick Hallahan, Carl Broemel all of My Morning Jacket, Carey Kotsionis, Doni Schroader of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Nashville’s best record store owner (Grimey’s) and great musician Mike Grimes, Corey Younts, Deanna Varagona of Lampchop, Ben Martin of Clem Snide and album producer Brad Jones crafted the eleven track album in just eleven hours at Nashville’s Ocean Way Studios.

Throughout The Longest Meow, Bobby and friends tell the endless efforts to capture “the girl.”  The album runs the gamut from slow Valium laced love ballads to the raging tempo of “The Heart Bionic.”  “Gun Show” builds from a calm blowing breeze of Bobby Bare Jr’s voice, then slowly he is joined by backing vocals and acoustic guitar that build up to a burst of electricity before calmly settling back to the subtle voice of Bobby Bare Jr.  “Sticky Chemical” starts off with Doni Schroader’s tasty vibe work and cotton candy vocals that gives the listener the feeling of being in a fairytale world; full of mind binding treats and adventure. 

“Mayonaise Brain” finds the collaborative effort sounding the most like contributors My Morning Jacket.  Soaring vocals, building tempos and weightlessness allows the track to float effortlessly thru the listener’s consciousness.  “Snuggling World Championship” also draws heavily on the signature sound of My Morning Jacket, with Jim James handling a heavy dose of the vocal responsibilities.  The anthem like sound of “Borrow Your Cape” captures the venom of the musicians’  ability to rock out.

The Longest Meow is easily enjoyed, and puts another notch on the belt of a new Music City U.S.A.  Bobby Bare Jr. and many others have been crucial parts of the city’s underground music scene.  Often overlooked by the big lights and heavy polish of the industry machine in Nashville known mostly for pumping out crappy country.  However with efforts like this, maybe Nashville’s real face might finally be seen.  

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