British rock band Mohair could fit you like a sweater if sweet British pop was your cup of tea. Their debut, Small Talk, has a sweet jangle feeling on the opening “Talk Of The Town” that resembles a cheery Blur after listening to late Beatles records. Just as appealing is the pedestrian pop rock oozing out of “Stranded.” The quartet knows a hook as well as anyone, judging by the equally infectious “End Of The Line.”

 Rarely does Small Talk fall from such heights, as the breezy “Little Voice” takes a slightly different approach, but arrives at the same goodness. The almost obligatory power ballad “Thin Air” basically vanishes compared to the other nuggets.  Fortunately, the record gets back on track with the quirky “Keep It Together” that resembles Franz Ferdinand. Small Talk sticks to what works, especially on the light, airy and poppy “Ella May."  Like the Magic Numbers’ recent debut before them, Mohair is bound to make another dent as new classic pop songwriters from across the way.

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