Devon Allman’s Honeytribe: Torch


Seven years in, Devon Allmans’s (son of Greg, nephew of Duane) Honeytribe have finally released their debut album Torch, and it sounds like you would imagine it to – a modern take on the well worn Southern Rock model that has been perfected by Daddy Gregg  and Uncle Duane.  The strength of Honeytribe lies in its mature musicianship forged from playing hundreds of shows, as the highlights of Torch are the ones that showcase the band’s versatile musicianship, as in the instrumental “Mahalo” and the harder-edged-rocking “Mercy, Mercy”.  At times the songs are lacking a bit vocally and lyrically, as Devon’s voice comes off flat and his lyrics tend to be overly simplistic, but the bands impressive chops help overcome this deficiency.  
        Unfortunately Devon did not inherit his father’s well-worn-road-weary pipes and the soul they own, but he did however get some of his guitar genes from his Uncle and they bleed through in his playing with a stinging intensity, reminiscent of many a Duane solo, and that alone is enough to make Torch interesting and worth a listen.

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