Canadian Rockers The Organ Call It Quits

The band announced their decision today, with the following statement: "The Organ are 
breaking up. We want to thank our friends, fans, and
family for all the support you gave
to us. Thank you. Shelby, Jenny,
Katie, Debora, and Shmoo."

In a short space of time, The Organ gained rapid exposure with the release of their first
EP, Sinking Hearts; and a live show that has
spirited them on stage with some of the
most significant bands today. A
critical and popular favorite, The Organ wrote melodic
introspective music based on layered interplay among their instrumentalists - Debora
Cohen, guitar; Ashley Webber, bass (later
replaced by Shmoo); Shelby Stocks, drums;
Jenny Smyth, Hammond organ -
and the intimate and doleful lyrics of their lead singer,
Katie Sketch.
In 2003, The Organ signed a co-record deal with both Mint and 604 Records.
As a result, their debut record, Grab That Gun, was released on
May 25th, 2004.

The Canadian press and indie publications across the U.S. praised The Organ's dream-pop
inflected music. The Organ rapidly grew a live
following, aided by and resulting in the band
playing prominent European
festivals in 2005, alongside The Cure, "!!!" and The Ravonettes
Du Rock) and Cat Power (Le Inrocks Festival, Paris). The Organ set their sights on the
UK, braving dingy Brit venues to win further fans to the
cause. Grab That Gun was licensed to
London independent label Too Pure,
April 2006 and they quickly won over UK fans and critics

Through the Organ's live appearances in Europe, Katie Sketch was discovered by the international
fashion world, and has since been seen
in a variety of magazine spreads, including a recent twelve
page spread
in the UK edition of Vogue.

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