Ween Returns To Work On New Album

In the below posting on Ween’s website, Gene and Dean are back at work on a new album, set for release sometime in 2007.

we have a lot of demos of new material (and we’re  still writing more) and have pretty much picked  out the keeper songs with our producer Andrew  Weiss. Andrew is currently working on a couple different projects and then when he’s  finished we start tracking the new Ween album. I  can’t really say when it will be released or what  label it will be on just yet, but we have been  talking with a few different labels about  distributing the next album. As far as gigs go,  we’ve been getting offers (way in advance) for  next year’s festivals, but we wanna be a little  conservative about how much we play before the new  album is out. We”ll wanna do a proper world tour  when the record comes out next year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for those impromptu  local shows that we inevitably do when we’re  trying out new material live.

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