Dean Ween Talks “Breakup” – “Ween Is Still Together”

We haven’t heard much from Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo in the nearly two months since best friend and band mate Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman told Rolling Stone that he was done with Ween. While he did immediately post “that’s news to me” on his personal Facebook page shortly after the article was published, he’s gone about his business as a fishing guide on the Jersey Shore. Yesterday, MTV Hive posted an interview with Deaner in which he gives more insight into the emotions he’s felt since Gener put the kibosh on Ween’s 27-year career.

MTV Hive author Eric Spitznagel chatted with Melchiondo about his current career running Archangel Sportfishing before slyly guiding the conversation towards Ween. Deaner revealed that he wasn’t kidding about Freeman’s revelation being news to him…

I was taken completely by surprise. It didn’t throw my life into chaos, because I was already operating under the assumption that we were going to take a long break. Aaron had just gotten out of treatment, and I knew that the best thing for Ween was not to go on tour right away.

The guitarist went on to talk about Freeman’s addiction and recovery saying that he was/is perfectly willing to take a long break from touring with Ween to help his “best friend.” When asked whether Ween would return in time to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2014, Gener was optimistic…

I don’t think it’s going to take that long. But that’s just my opinion. I can’t tell you what Aaron is thinking or what he wants to do. I think there’s a little tinge of regret there. I can only speak for myself, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as Aaron and I are both alive on this planet, Ween is still together. We’ve never broken up. The idea of quitting is just laughable. This isn’t something you can quit. This is a life sentence.

There’s plenty of gems within the must-read interview, including Mickey’s revelation about the inspiration for Piss Up A Rope. As far as Freeman, he’s scheduled to return to the stage next weekend in Massachusetts for solo shows in Boston and Cape Cod.

[MTV Hive]

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