Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Team With Dave Fridmann

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the New York indie rock act that scanned nearly 120,000 copies of its 2005 self-titled debut without the help of a label, will return Jan. 30 with its second set, the Dave Fridmann-produced "Some Loud Thunder."

"Dave was unfamiliar with our new songs, so I sent him some demos," frontman Alec Ounsworth explains. "So we played some of the songs for him [and] he made some suggestions. The approach remained very similar. He challenged me and us. The idea of the suggestions, that’s why one album is distinguishable from another — and that has to be a result of a collaboration of six people rather than five."

Fans of the first album will notice a slightly different direction. The songs are slower at times, and according to Ounsworth, the project revolves around "thunder, and whether or not it is loud. I had a relative idea of how the songs were going to come off. But I like the surprise factor [of the studio]. It’s hard to explain to how a song might come off, and then the readjustment period with all of us."

Source Billboard

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