New Years Eve at The Sea of Dreams

New Years Eve represents a turning point where one can reflect on the multitude of events of the past, immerse themselves in the bounty and beauty of the present, while contemplating the unknown path for the future.

For this celebration of all things past present and future the String Cheese incident and Madison House, have teamed up with Anon Salon and Peak Experience to create an artistic multi-sensory utopia nestled in the heart of San Francisco at the Concourse Exhibition Center on December 30th and 31st.

For the String Cheese Incident, and their passionate fan-base, this particular New Years Eve only intensifies these feelings of reflection, emersion and anticipation. A few months ago, The S.C.I. announced that they would be breaking up after a few runs of shows that include; the New Years Eve blowout in San Francisco, one final Winter Carnival in their home state of Colorado, and a Red Rocks run next summer.  So expect all those in attendance to bring a little extra energy to the celebration, because this may be one of the final hurrahs.

This will be the second straight year that these artistic entities have joined together to create a unique experience for all those in attendance. From all accounts last year was completely over the top and drew rave reviews. For this year’s theme, they have chosen the seven heavens, which can only titillate one’s imagination.

There are three separate stages that will house most of the action through the weekend. Joining S.C.I. these two evenings will be a variety of live musical acts; such as up and coming late night gurus,  A.L.O., Lotus, and Pnuma Trio as well as world class D.J.’s, such as Mark Farina, Tipper, and Bassnectar.

There will also be a host of imaginative performance artists, such as; Black and Blue Burlesque, The Indigo Belly Dance, the Mystic Family Circus, and Cirqularium Cabaret, whose ability to combine a wondrous visual spectacle with musical magic, will surely entertain the masses. These performance groups contain belly dancers, burlesque shows, costumed acts that combine mythological stories and costumes, with an erotic flair. It will be a voracious feast for the senses.

This is a moment where creative convergences occur between artistic bodies that will surely mesmerize. I know I can’t wait to engulf myself in all of the magic that will be in the air for this San Francisco New Years Eve, and I hope to see you there.

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