Kevin Devine: Put Your Ghost To Rest


On his fourth solo album, Put Your Ghost to Rest,  former Miracle of 86 front man Kevin Devine has done a good job of creating an album that is listenable, somehow familiar, yet creative enough to avoid being boring.  Though it would fall easily into the indie singer/songwriter genre, to his credit Devine manages to intersperse the album with a variety of sounds and influences.

Put Your Ghost to Rest is generally reliant on Devine’s voice for its emotional power.  However, stylistically it spans from solo singer/acoustic guitar to full-on rockin’ out, a range that, along with a voice of similar timbre, lends easily to comparison with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard.  However, this is not yet another cheap imitation of DCFC; the sincerity and vulnerability of his voice also leads one to easily compare Devine, favorably, to Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner.  The two share a scratchy, yet somehow enjoyable and, again, vulnerable, vocal styling that draws the listener in.   In short, while little about this album screams “must have,” it is certainly worth a few listens.

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