As Tall As Lions: As Tall As Lions


As Tall As Lions self-titled release, the second one in their discography with Triple Crown Records, shows that Long Island, New York’s music scene has something different to offer then the club rock/emo driven Taking Back Sunday and Head Automatica. The four piece from Massapequa delivers an atmospheric rock ambit that recalls Coldplay and the soul-deep melodic tinctures acquainted with Morrissey and Mae‘s Dave Elkins. The bass and drum sections pillar lush piano and string arrangements as the soothing vocals forecast a heavenly, elevated vane. It is possible that too much of a good thing can go into overdrive,  yet their ambient rock is so relaxing that the constant holistic music beams and euphoric levels remain invitingly pleasing.
Produced, mixed, and engineered by Steve Haigler and Mike Watts, the band wrote all the songs, concentrating on integrating lustrous instrument swivels and soulful vocals curling around the melodic maneuvers on “Love, Love, Love,” and “Song For Luna.” The movements vary from a subtle acoustic guitar melody on “I’m Kicking Myself” to full fledge productions with spacey build ups and releases like on “Ghost Of York.” As Tall As Lions managed to put multiple layers of instrument parts and vocals without ever making the songs sound cluttered or over produced, which in itself makes As Tall as Lions onto something good.

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