The Lordz: The Brooklyn Way

The Lordz comprised of Mr. Kaves (Mike McLeer) and his brother ADM (Adam McLeer) have released their debut album – The Brooklyn Way  (Perfect Game Recording/Warner Music), a tribute to their hip hop/punk roots while growing up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In the past, the brothers have collaborated with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Busta Rhymes, Sublime, Freddie Foxx, Everlast and a number of other recording artists. For their debut release, they fashioned a series of songs with skate punk/graffiti like freedom and some slow funk/soul shading in the mix. Their hearty combinations have mod-punk inflections representative of late ‘70s/early ‘80s punk groups like the Ramones and Black Flag with a modern curve liken to Limp Bizkit and Rancid. Speaking of Rancid, Tim Armstrong of Rancid is featured on the punk rock/hip-hop track “Outlaw” Other guest performers include Everlast on the melodic soul/punk tune “The Brooklyn Way,” Bowling For Soup’s Jared Reddick on the garage/punk-hop “Runaway,” and Bedouin Soundclash on the slow funk “Soundboy.”
Other stand out tracks include the cover version of Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died” and the blues-pop/rock number “New York Groove” which channels a Ramones vibe through the melodic movements. The Brooklyn Way is top heavy in feel good party tunes with a few softer numbers like the slow gospel riffs and funk-hop grooves on “Mama’s Boy” which pervade a spiritual aura and pensive mood. The Lordz have appeared on the last three Warped Tours and continue to bring their brand of punk rock/hip hop to the public by means of collaborations with other artists or on their own. They believe in their skate punk/rap sound and have found a niche that welcomes their synthesis of two often-polarized genres.

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