Norah Jones: Feels Like Home

Following up an album that garnered an unbelievable amount of acclaim from fans across numerous genres is never an easy feet. After essentially sweeping the 2003 Grammy Awards, and taking part in a couple exciting collaborations, including The Peter Malick Group’s New York City, Norah Jones is back with her “Handsome Band” for Feels Like Home.

Feels Like Home builds on the jazzy-pop sounds that made Jones’ debut album, Come Away With Me, such a huge success, but broadens the playing field a little wider by also venturing into the styles of bluegrass and country. Norah’s gentle voice and subtle piano playing is somehow both relaxing and energizing at the same time, and the album opener and first single, “Sunrise,” pulls you in from the get go with her soulful vocals.

Jones’ took on an increased role in the songwriting on this latest release and the result is somewhat of a looser, more organic feel, than it

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