Love Arcade: Love Arcade


Love Arcade’s self-titled release puts a new face on power pop fun. Incorporating the tenets of ‘80s pop icons like Kajagoogoo, Dead Or Alive, and Animotion, the outfit’s music is light-hearted fun with an infectious party bounce reflective of Kill Hannah, Valencia, and The Flaming Lips. Love Arcade’s music has shillings of party pop influences bubbly through the dance rhythms of “Keep It Comin’” and “Party.“ The party pop is morphed into glam rock numbers culling a Marc Bolan with a Prince palette on “Can’t Stop” and “Sweet Thing.” Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Christian “Snowhite” Berishaj is the songwriter behind all the tracks and provides the "fire" in this Arcade. Their debut album makes power pop fun relatable to teens and gives them a springboard to jump into their raging hormones.

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