Sage Francis Returns With Human The Death Dance

Rapper, poet, activist, humorist and cultural provocateur, Sage Francis will release Human The Death Dance, his second Anti/Epitaph release, on May 8, 2007. Bolstered by the many facets of Sage’s complex persona, Francis goes beyond his acclaimed back catalog with humor, anger and poetic passion.
Featuring collaborations with artists as diverse as Jolie Holland, Buck 65 and Mark Isham, “HTDD” is Sage’s most musically satisfying album to date.  The tracks recorded with Isham will be featured in the upcoming film “Pride & Glory,” which stars Edward Norton & Colin Farrell.
Hailing from  Providence RI, Sage has a very unique place in hip hop history.  Equally comfortable in rap battle or a poetry slam, Francis’ determined individualism has made him a very controversial figure in the genre.  Early attention came with 2002’s Personal Journals (Anticon) which was heralded for its poetic reflections on his troubled upbringing.  Followed by 2004’s Hope, released under the band name Non-Prophets, was a both a tribute to classic hip hop records of the 80s & early 90s, and a hilarious middle finger to the so-called keepers of the torch. In 2005, Sage released his Epitaph debut, the polemic, political  A Healthy Distrust.

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