Gomez: Five Men in a Hut (Singles 1998-2004)


Critical reviews of retrospectives and B-sides/rarity compilations often carry a common label: “For completists.” Gomez has managed to fit just within that context with Five Men in a Hut (Singles 1998-2004), a double disc exploration of the British band’s work spanning five albums and focusing largely on the singles released in the United Kingdom. That’s not to say that fans new and old won’t find something to cling to in this 36 track offering; in fact, it is hard not to. The electronica charged “Whipping Piccadilly (Turbo Version)” and the fun-house spin of “Old School Shirt” illustrate the sheer brilliance that is at the core of Gomez’s best work (see How We Operate). But without sounding trite, the sheer volume of compositions, many of which are stripped down and rearranged for American ears, give Five Men and a Hut (Singles 1998-2004) that “for completists” feel. It is, however, albums such as these that can drive even reluctant newcomers to dig deeper into an artist’s catalogue.

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