Exit Clov: Respond Respond


Watch out, America. Exit Clov, a Washington DC- based group of indie rockers, is exploding onto the music scene armed with a powerful sound and a personal agenda.

Respond Respond is the band’s first album with national release, and it successfully displays the group’s addictive rhythms and dynamic range while showcasing their meaningful messages. The EP opens with a highly energetic power-pop tune called “DIY”. However, don’t be confused by the song’s chord-friendly melody. After a pleasingly unexpected outburst of violin instrumentals, the lyrics get heavy. On“Violet Berries”, twin lead vocalists Emily and Susan Hsu create soothing harmonies that resonate over a politically-awakening message of awareness for the people of our country. The band says, “War is old so we don’t feel it now. We broke the Berlin wall, but we make no sound.” 

Respond Respond is not just an arrangement of catchy, quality- crafted music; it represents Exit Clov’s call for action. If taking a stand is what it takes to produce new and innovative musical talent, I honorably pledge my allegiance.

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