Yoko Ono: Yoko Ono, Yes I’m a Witch


Yoko Ono’s Yes I’m a Witch is the result of an inspired idea whose time has come–again. Witch contains seventeen newly interpreted tracks by artists/groups that include Cat Power, The Flaming Lips, Peaches, and The Apples in Stereo. All songs were written and originally performed by Ono, and nearly all of the artists chose to use Ono’s vocals in their remake.

Three tracks, “Walking On Thin Ice,” “I’m Moving On,” and a same-sex verson of “Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him,” made the leap to Witch from 1984’s collection titled Every Man Has a Woman.  The appeal of several techno beat performances, the Bjork-like interpretation of “Walking on Thin Ice” by Spiritualized, and the radio play potential of several tracks including “You and I” and “O’Oh,” make Yes, I’m a Witch dernier cri.

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