Addison Groove Project: Waiting Room


Like many a great athlete who ended their career with a transcendent moment, Boston’s Addison Groove Project capped their career with their finest album – the recently released Waiting Room.  Over two years in the making, Waiting Room serves as the end-piece to career of Addison Groove Project, who after years of uncertainness due to the death of bassist John Hall and the decision of guitarist/ singer Brendan McGinn to attend medical school, finally decided to part ways.

Ten songs, 49 minutes of funk, Waiting Room IS Addison Groove Project, a declaration of who they were as a band, from the inspired darkness of the instrumental “Crullers & Nyquil,” the politically charged “Waiting for the Polls to Close" and to the funkiness of “My Apartment,” which would make James Brown proud.  The only problem with Waiting Room is that it leaves us waiting for more, and we know that more may never come.

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