Trey Anastasio Ordered Into Drug Treatment Court – Sentencing Postponed

The Burlington Free Press reports that Trey Anastasio has pleaded guilty this morning to fifth degree attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance in Washington County Court.

Anastasio, 42, a part-time Richmond resident, was ordered by Judge Kelly McKeighan into drug treatment court and his sentencing was postponed until he completes or fails the program.

"If he fails, he would be sentenced to 1 to 3 years in state prison. If he succeeds, he would be sentenced to 5 years probation," McKeighan said.

With the plea agreement, Anastasio also agreed to wave his right to appeal. Because this is a felony conviction, should he be convicted of any other felony in next 10 years, that would require a mandatory prison sentence.

The drug court will put his touring on indefinite hold his attorney said.

Read the full article at: The Burlington Free Press

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