Keller Williams: Dream


Keller Williams’ Dream is a collection of collaborations between Keller and a host of his favorite musical guests that came about from Keller’s dream of recording an album with his musical heroes.  And while there is nothing particularly wrong with this album, it just does not quite take off the way one would expect with the roster of All-Star talent assembled (Bob Weir, Michael Frantic, Steve Kimock, Charlie Hunter, Bela Fleck, John Scofield to name just a few.)
Despite the seemingly endless possibilities that Dream seems to hold, it does not always live up to its potential as a collection of special collaborations, instead coming off more as a Keller solo album with the occasional sit-in by some big name guests. “Cookies” with guitarist Fareed Haquee and “Slo’ Mo’ Balloon” with Charlie Hunter are the two notable exceptions.
Dream does offer up many interesting versions of Keller’ songs; “Celebrate Your Youth” with John Molo, the Steve Kimock led “Twinkle” and Bob Weir on “Cadillac." Many of these songs have been part of his live repertoire for some time and it is a nice surprise to see how they have evolved in the studio.  The draw back is that the addition of such a diverse range of so many supremely talented musicians can at times take the focus away from Keller and what makes his brand of one-man shoe-less rock ‘n’ roll special.

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