Alex Delivery: Star Destroyer


Courageous audiophiles and model airplane glue enthusiasts rejoice, your niche needs have been served.  Star Destroyer, the debut from Brooklyn-based Alex Delivery, is a journey most listeners will likely abandon after a few moments—but if you stick with album opener “Komad” until it disintegrates into a scene, starring fist fighting German robots built with spare parts, that forgive and forget with a make-up fuck, you’ll undoubtedly press on. 

Having bought the ticket, best to take (and enjoy) the ride.

Star Destroyer soars through a bustling city of industry where beneath the cluttered and unclean veneer there is beauty in the gasoline rainbow in the gutter puddle and mystery in uncomfortable backroom confessionals. 

When the ethereal and organic elements collide, Alex Delivery captivates.  For the best example of these unusual audio collisions listen to the band get devoured by rabid cicadas on “Rainbows,” then stroll sleepily through the crowded, litter strewn streets of “Milan,” before discovering the unexpectedly hypnotic rhythms of “Sheath-Wet,” an underground Eastern European dance party textured by field sounds, lilting female vocals and a cavernous organ drone.      

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