Smashing Pumpkins Play Old & New Songs at Return Show

The Smashing Pumpkins have completed their first show since Dec. 2, 2000, held Tuesday night at Paris’ 2,200-capacity Grand Rex. The three-hour, 29-song set introduced new guitarist Jeff Schroeder, bassist Ginger Reyes and keyboardist Lisa Harriton into the Pumpkins’ lineup, which now includes lone original members Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin.

The gig opened with the track "United States," from the band’s impending comeback album, "Zeitgeist," due July 10 via Martha’s Music/Reprise. A host of other new songs were played, including first single "Tarantula," "Doomsday Clock," "Starz" and "Orchid."

There was also a sizable chunk of vintage Pumpkins material, including "Today," "Hummer," "Cherub Rock," "Disarm" and "Silverfu*k." An acoustic set was sandwiched into the middle of the gig, featuring tracks like "33," "Winterlong" and "To Sheila."

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