Little Feat: Highwire Act Live In St.Louis

Often regarded as the classic jamband, Little Feat perseveres after thirty plus years by adhering to a strong touring schedule, while continually offering open collaboration with other acts in the current improvisational music/festival scene. With covers that range from The Band and Phish, to original songs that number from the early 70’s to today; Little Feat may not grab the headlines any more, but they still know how to play high energy performances.

Southern California’s answer to “Southern Music,” Little Feat has championed the mix of blues, country, cajun, funk, boogie, and straight on rock and roll to develop a cult following that still adheres. There also aren’t too many bands that carry the session credits that the players in Little Feat carry. You name the artist – James Taylor, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt- chances are a member of Little Feat has appeared on one of their albums. Today, Little Feat is comprised of both founding members as well as new members, since their 70

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