Zap Mama Releasing ‘Supermoon’ August 7

Zap Mama’s Afro-European energy and light shine brighter on her debut on Heads Up International with the August 7, 2007, worldwide release of Supermoon. An engaging blend of world, soul, pop, jazz and other subtle shades too numerous to mention, the album includes guest musicians from around the globe: drummer Tony Allen; bassists Meshell Ndegeocello and Will Lee; guitarists David Gilmore and Michael Franti; pianists Leon Pendarvis, Daniel Freiberg and Robbie Kondor; percussionist Bashiri Johnson and many more.


Produced by Daulne as well as Christopher McHale, Luc Weytjens, and Anthony Tidd, and mixed by Axel Niehaus and Dave O’Donnell, the album takes its title from a culture obsessed with superstars and idols. “It seems rather foolish for people to look up to figures who are not very good examples of how to live your life,” says Daulne. “They identify themselves through a media image, a certain kind of look, a certain kind of artificial personality. I say let’s be ourselves, and let’s create a word for what it means to be ourselves. A ‘super moon ’ is a unique person. You can be a supermoon if you follow your own desires and pursue the things that you were born to do. To be a supermoon is to be true to yourself and others.”


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