Led Zeppelin To Reunite?

Led Zeppelin are in talks to reunite for a memorial concert.

The band are apparently in discussions to reform for a one-off gig in London for their late record boss Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.

It is thought singer Robert Plant guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones will re-group alongside late drummer John Bonham‘s son Jason for the gig.

A source close to the band said: "Page, Plant and Jones spoke and agreed to do the memorial concert. They are waiting for a definite date.

"And no one can quite believe it, but during discussions about the concert they all gave the green light to a tour if it all does well and they don’t all fall out."

The band have only performed a handful of concerts since they split in 1980, including Live Aid in 1985.

"It has been hoped for and denied for years," the source told World Entertainment News Network. "But this is the closest they have ever come to a reunion tour. The feeling is that this is going to happen next year."

Source NME

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