Phonograph: Phonograph


New York band Phonograph is an adventurous lot if you were using the catchy, groove-tinged “In Your Mind” as a measuring stick. The song sounds like it could have been recorded during Wilco’s Summerteeth period but with an experimental side to it. Meanwhile, the band shines on the just as stellar and stunning “Watch And Ward." These songs are launching pads for even stronger material like the precious “Radio Waves” and the gorgeous, delightful mid-tempo nugget “Have I Told You.” Phonograph seems to make gold out of everything they touch, particularly The Pretenders-leaning tight punchy pop of “Thinking Of You” and the ensuing Americana-laced “T.V. Screens.” And the band is fantastic on “You’re A Giraffe.” Fans of Wilco take note as this is one band to watch.

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