Marilyn Manson To Begin Shooting Horror Film

Marilyn Manson plans to start shooting his delayed horror film "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll," towards the end of the year, after he finishes touring to promote his new album, "Eat Me, Drink Me."

"It’s still very much happening," Manson, who wrote and plans to direct and star in the movie, tells "We postponed the film until after this tour, so probably November, December."

Manson actually planned to start shooting the film while making "Eat Me, Drink Me" but ultimately decided to give each project his full attention.

"Even my very close friends who own and run the film company, Wild Bunch, were very happy to have this record happen first," Manson says. "And with the movie, it was a situation where I think I was so very close to the subject matter. I read Lewis Carroll’s diaries, and he’s a very fractured soul. I think I identified with it more than just fascination; I was in the same mental state. So I think, by waiting, I’ll be able to make a better movie, and I got to make this record."

Besides Manson, who will play Carroll, Lily Cole, Tilda Swinton and Manson’s girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood have been attached to the film. But Manson said that some of the casting "is not finalized, and there’s still a few male leads that aren’t cast." Manson plans to compose music for the movie as well.


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