Kate Havnevik: Melankton


Kate Havnevik’s debut is an emotionally charged mood album that resonates with a subtle sonic beauty. Her soft, Dido-esque vocals and poetic lyrics complement a musical backdrop that combines classical, electronica and pop – full of tempo changes, unexpected twists and turns, and at times grandiose orchestral arrangements (all written by Havnevik).

The opening track, “Unlike Me,” a song completely devoid of percussion, slowly builds throughout, swelling toward a crescendo that never happens. “Suckerlove,” the album’s finest track, features haunting vocals, Middle Eastern percussion, and a song structure that keeps adding layers as it goes. As complex as the songs get at times, intertwining string arrangements with electronic beats, guitar and various percussion, at its core, the music is all about Havnevik sitting at the piano, pouring her heart out. If there’s one weakness here, it’s that Havnevik seems to only have one speed: slow and soft. Still, if you’re in the mood for slow and soft, you can’t do a lot better than “Grey’s Anatomy’s” unofficial soundtrack.

For more info see: http://www.katehavnevik.com/

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