Picastro: Whore Luck


The Toronto-based band Picastro combines elements of classical, folk and rock into a unique mix of low-key songs for those less than excitable moments. Straying away from typical rock instrumentation, Picastro employs cello and violin in addition to guitar, piano and drums to provide their odd comfort to the melancholy.  Picastro’s sound is so uniquely theirs, that they pull off covers of both Roky Erickson and the Fall seamlessly, almost as if they weren’t covers at all. Attempts at comparisons will always fail, because there really is no good fit. While this may not make them a hit, they have the potential to appeal to anyone willing to either take the time to pay close attention or abandon themselves to Picastro’s sad beauty.  The album’s controlled noise is the soundtrack to being centered in a wobbly world.

Don’t expect this album to be in constant rotation. It doesn’t work that way. But when you need it, when you’re sad or lonely or out of sorts or even just generally melancholy, there will be few albums better than Whore Luck. It won’t pick you up out of your funk, but it will sit with you like a good friend who knows when things need to run their course.

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