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Austin Film Festival: ‘One Night’ Is A Flawed, But Interesting Look At An Age-Old Question

In the end, its charms overcome its problems, but only just.

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Austin Film Festival: ‘Good Fortune’ Is One Bad Documentary

Less a movie than a marketing experience, 'Good Fortune' offers nothing good and little fortune for its audience.

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Austin Film Festival: ‘The Tiger Hunter’ Is A Madcap Meditation On The American Dream (FILM REVIEW)

There’s something I found very strongly off-putting in the opening moments of The Tiger Hunter, a film by writer/director Lena Khan. Told through flashback, and narrated by the character of Sami (Danny Pudi, in a ...

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Austin Film Festival: Brilliant Cinematography And Poor Pacing Collide In ‘Desierto’


Desierto is a beautiful looking film whose narrative never quite reaches the same level of quality.

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Austin Film Festival: ‘Wakefield’ Is A Good Performance Trapped In A Not-So-Good Film

Despite a powerhouse performance by Bryan Cranston, 'Wakefield' doesn't quite hold together as a film

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Austin Film Festival: ‘Brave New Jersey’ Will Subvert Your Expectations — And Charm You Anyway

Set during the infamous 'War of the Worlds' broadcast, Tony Hale leads an ensemble cast in this delightfully nostalgic comedy

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Austin Film Festival: Dark Comedy ‘Middle Man’ Comes Out On Top (FILM REVIEW)

A superbly crafted, intricately demented tale that both celebrates and critiques the essence of dark comedy.

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Five Films To Watch At This Year’s Austin Film Festival

Austin FIlm Festival returns with another batch of films that focus on the script portion of the movie making process.

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Austin Film Festival Final Recap

The Austin Film Festival, which dedicates its focus on the role of the screenwriter in the motion picture process, drew to a close at the end of the week, wrapping up its 22nd year. “This ...

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Austin Film Festival Days 5 and 6: ‘The Adderall Diaries’, ‘Bitter Tears Revisited’

While the frequency of showings may have died down a little at “the writer’s festival,” there were some centerpiece films still highlighting the schedule. While The 33 and Brooklyn commanded around-the-block lines, there also some ...

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