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Well and Goode: Well and Goode

If the story of Well and Goode sounds preposterous, it is. Midas Well and Upton O. Goode are none other than Brendan Benson and Mark Watrous.

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Brendan Benson On Tour

Returning to solo work as the Raconteurs take a break, Benson is back with a new album entitled My Old Familiar Friend that showcases his unshakeable instinct for crafting powerpop gems.

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Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – Catnip Dynamite

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger Roger Joseph Manning Jr. will have to add ‘Guru’ to his list of titles.  While discussing the release of his latest album, Catnip Dynamite (Oglio), Manning waxes philosophical on the virtues of self-reliance and individuality, themes that have more or less defined his career and have equipped him with a razor-sharp focus in articulating his profound musical message time and again.

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Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: Catnip Dynamite

Following his epic solo debut, The Land of Pure Imagination, Roger Jospeh Manning Jr.'s Catnip Dynamite is an addictive concoction of hook-laden melodies, soaring harmonies and complex arrangements that would astound the likes of Brian Wilson and even Prince.

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