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Zomby: Dedication

Zomby does a great job in taking care of the music department, as Dedication kicks off with definite club music vibe slowed down to mid-tempo grooves. The music should rightfully be several times faster than it actually is, and it takes some settling into; it’s an odd feeling. But like they say (‘they’ being non-existent entities I just made up for the sake of convenience): Odd is always interesting, if nothing else.

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Handsome Furs: Sound Kapital

The husband-wife duo comprising Handsome Furs have managed to cultivate an exclusive sound for themselves, and instead of going haywire, they have stuck to it with a mature songwriting craft, experimenting with textures and noise fittingly. While the sound itself may be a hit-or-miss, depending on taste, it remains admirable that Sound Kapital has that inimitably honest quality throughout its duration; the quality of conviction.

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Times New Viking: Dancer Equired

Deliberately poor production is a badge of honor proudly worn by most indie bands today, with terms like ‘honesty’ and ‘rebellion’ casually thrown about. But Times New Viking, the quaintly-named indie-pop/rock trio from Columbus, Ohio (fondly categorized by some as “shitgaze”), are definitely pushing their luck with their latest release Dancer Equired.

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Explosions in the Sky: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

The long drawn and epic introduction to “Last Known Surroundings,” the first song off Take Care… is undoubtedly the highpoint on an album that, despite its predictably frequent moments of euphoria and jubilation, eventually fizzles out with barely a whimper. Is it time for post post-rock already?

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The Strokes: Angles

Whatever happened to The Strokes? The scruffy – albeit slightly manufactured – indie sensibilities used to work for them, with raw instrumentation being complemented by the melodic and laidback vocal delivery. But Angles seems to have sacrificed some of the more uncultured garage leanings for a speculative new sound which doesn’t quite do justice to the musicianship on display.

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