Articles by: Aaron Teixeira

Calexico & Gaby Moreno –The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA 6/4/15 (SHOW REVIEW)

Marching through Boston, up the shore a bit and landing in Harvard Square, Calexico brought serious heat to the packed house at The Sinclair. We can posit that it wasn’t the “dry heat” of a ...

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Jacco Gardner Explores the Human Psyche on ‘Hypnophobia’ (INTERVIEW)

Jacco Gardner is an explorer of the human psyche. He recently released his second full-length album Hypnophobia, but even in that short span of time has made an indelible mark on the face of modern ...

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Charlie Parr – Stumpjumper (ALBUM REVIEW)

Charlie Parr’s latest album  (roughly the *sixteenth* from the Minnesotan roots mainstay) is a fascinating feat of fine songwriting and quality production work. Recorded at Down Yonder Farm in North Carolina, it shows a complex maturity while simultaneously harkening ...

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Ryley Walker- Primrose Green (ALBUM REVIEW)

Ryley Walker is not ashamed of the bevy of influences who inform his sound. Primrose Green – his third solo album – finds the folksy singer/songwriter fully embracing the weight of those heavy hitters on ...

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José González- Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA 4/11/15 (SHOW REVIEW)

Touring behind his first album in nearly seven years, José González took the stage of the Paradise Rock Club, toting his beautiful acoustic guitar and a young lifetime’s worth of beautiful songs. The Swedish folk ...

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Vetiver- Complete Strangers (ALBUM REVIEW)

At this stage of the game, Andy Cabic’s so-called “freak folk” band Vetiver has become a vehicle for the singer/songwriter’s experimentation in a variety of genres, styles and soundscapes. With the release of 2015’s Complete ...

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Ryley Walker: Primitive Picker For The Modern Age (INTERVIEW)

Chicago’s Ryley Walker is a folk singer whose unique brand of musicianship is a melding of styles, from the fingerpicking schools of Bert Jansch and Pentangle to the blue-eyed soul of Van Morrison and the free-jazz guitar ...

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Marco Benevento – Great Scott, Allston MA 4/2/15 (SHOW REVIEW)

Marco Benevento arrived in Boston recently to deliver a set of music that touched on many aspects of the veteran pianist’s career. Playing nearly two hours with the Marco Benevento Trio, the keyboardist was augmented ...

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Tomás Pagán Motta – Tomás Pagán Motta (ALBUM REVIEW)

The eponymous debut of Tomás Pagán Motta is a feat of honest writing, earnest singing and beefy but subtle instrumental arrangements. The eight tracks are tight, yet spacey; poignant and pronounced, yet ethereal and mysterious. ...

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John Medeski Talks Shop & DRKWAV (INTERVIEW)

John Medeski is keeping busy. In late February, the jazz-funk heavyweight and member of Medeski, Martin & Wood spent some time at his alma mater giving a master class, participated in a program celebrating the ...

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