Articles by: Brian R. Banks

Pearls Before Swine, Tom Rapp & The First Dawning of American Psych Folk: Revisiting’City of Gold’ & ‘Beautiful Lies You Could Live In’

Pearls Before Swine are placed in the liner notes somewhere between the Incredible String Band, Mimi & Richard Farina, Tim Buckley…and Love. Some have likened one of these albums to alt-country but that’s only a ...

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Looking Back At Johnny Winter and ‘I’m a Bluesman’ Reissue

One of the important comeback albums in blues-rock this century has just been reissued in the UK by a label devoted to his catalogue. Johnny Winter’s I’m A Bluesman (Talking Elephant Records TECD334), first released ...

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Incredible String Band – Ducks on a Pond (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Incredible String Band’s evolution is well-documented from its origins fifty years ago on the Edinburgh folk scene with Robin Williamson and Clive Palmer, the joining of Mike Heron for the debut in ’66 then ...

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Manny Charlton – Sharp/Sharp Reloaded (ALBUM REVIEW)

Looking more American than Colonel Sanders these days in cool (weather-wise) Hawaii shirt and trade-mark moustache, Manny Charlton is now an ex-pat in Texas who was born in Spain in 1941 but started his career ...

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Peter Ulrich Collaboration – Painted Caravan (Album Review)

Some bands become known not due to corporate record label exposure but word-of-mouth reputation. From this platform, individual members gain kudos and experience to branch off into solo work. Here is a case of the ...

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Love, Poetry and Revolution: A Journey Through the British Psychedelic And Underground Scenes

With the emergence of CD box sets, two specialties seem to be rising to the top like natural selection. Perhaps one’s a direct result of the other, who knows, but we now have the best ...

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