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Gathering of the Vibes 2013- Day 4

Sunday at GOTV turned out to be the warmest day at the festival, just a bit more humid than the previous days, and with lots of gorgeous sunshine that poked

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Gathering of the Vibes 2013- Day 3

Saturday at the Vibes turned out to be another fantastic day at the festival as Bill Evans continued to make himself present as Artist in Large on each of the

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Gathering of the Vibes 2013- Day 2

Friday morning the VibeTribe awoke to the same overcast skies lingering from Thursday. By early afternoon however, the sun finally burned though it all, presenting campers and revelers with the

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Will Hoge: The America EP

Hoge signed a contract with Atlantic records early in the new century, only to have the subsequent major label debut ignored by the label brass and forgotten about. Now unencumbered of the restraints such corporations can tie on an artist, he

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Melissa Etheridge: Roxy Theatre, Atlanta GA

To the delight of her fans in Atlanta, Melissa let her emotions (and a little luck) get the best of her on this Thursday night performance. Her three-hour set rocked, and shook the small theater all night long, proving once again, that she is one of today

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