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Jenny Tommey and the Art of Activism (INTERVIEW)

Meet Jenny Toomey, musician, artist, and political activist. As the Federal Communications Committee plans to further deregulate the bounds against complete corporate media consolidation, the public threat remains as insidious and invisible as the deliberation process within the Beltway.

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Looking Back and Forth: Sound and Colors: The Science and The Ritual

It seems that there is some legitimacy to a serious exploration into the transformational properties of sound and other vibrational energies. Thus, artists and producers within multimedia production may be able to tap into these resources and the potentially harmonious energies they may elicit. What may have been once considered New Age sophistry can be more legitimately explored and utilized artistically for experientially based immersion into the ocean of vibrational energy.

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Improvising Electronically: The Tools of the Trade

Our resident audiophile explains that all you need are a midi controller, a computer, two programs, and stereo mixing capabilities to create spontaneous improvised music. You might want to read this one with your head lamp on.

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