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XNY Singer/songwriter Pam Autuori and drummer neighbor Jacob Schreiber began their relationship with dueling sessions against the wall of their adjoined apartments until finally deciding to work together, forming Little Liars in 2010. Recognizing quickly that New York had the better scene, they changed their identity to XNY and relocated to the city. Their debut album, Through the Walls dropped in early June an the band provided me with a very entertaining history this past week.

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Stars In Stereo

Stars in Stereo was founded by megabuzz Hoppus pet project City (Comma) State’s former members Justin Siegel, Jordan McGraw, Keith Varon and Drew Langan. Their latest addition, vocal powerhouse Bec Holland, has rounded out the group’s alterna rock/electronic sound and propelled the new band onto a Used tour commencing this week with a full-length to follow. Jordan and Drew were nice enough to spare me a few moments of their time this week to help us learn what SIS is all abou

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White Apple Tree

White Apple Tree, self proclaimed as “the lovechild of determination and boredom,” is the brainchild of founder Ryan Marshall Lawhon. Originally destined for the NBA, Lawhon quickly switched gears when he was asked to play bass for his local youth group.

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