Articles by: Danielle Houtkooper

‘Mission: Impossible-Fallout’ or, ‘Run, Tom, Run’ (FILM REVIEW)

Co-starring Henry Cavill's mustache!

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‘Skyscraper’ or, “Die Hard: Between The Rock and a Tall Place’ (FILM REVIEW)

It's not Die Hard, but it's not NOT Die Hard either.

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‘The Avengers’ Moves the MCU into ‘Infinity’ (SPOILER FREE REVIEW)

Marvel's decade long event culminates in their biggest movie yet.

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The Charming Purity of ‘Love, Simon’ (FILM REVIEW)

This coming of age tale revels in relatability.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘TransMilitary’ Presents Unprecedented Look at Lives of Transgender Soldiers

The lives and sacrifices of transexual American troops are explored in this powerful new documentary.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘Blockers’ Takes A Unique Approach to Teen Sex Romp

The teenage sex comedy gets seen in a new light in Blockers.

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SXSW FILM REVIEW: ‘A Quiet Place’ Pushes Horror to Bold Limits

John Krasinski takes us to horrifying places in this stunning work of modern horror.

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Brilliant Marketing Doesn’t Save ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ (FILM REVIEW)

Netflix proves you can market anything with genius and flair...even pointless crap.

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It’s Not Hard to Pooh-Pooh at ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ (FILM REVIEW)

This A.A. Milne biopic makes all the right moves but still manages to misstep when it counts.

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Avey Tare Offers Yet Another Quintessential Conceptual Album With ‘Eucalyptus’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

True to form, Avey Tare has returned with yet another quintessential conceptual album, making up for 2012’s flat Animal Collective release, Centipede Hz. Veering closer towards AC’s 2005 release Feels, and playing off 2015’s perfectly ...

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