Garret K. Woodward,

Martin Sexton: Not Exactly Sugarcoating

If there were more people in the world like Martin Sexton, the word utopia comes to mind. Smelling every rose he passes by, the latest release from the Northeast troubadour, Sugarcoating (due out Apr. 6 on Kitchen Table Records), is another treasure trove of harmonious folk melodies coated in a blend of soul and passion- as unique as the man himself.

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Hot Day At The Zoo: Zoograss

Taped at the Waterhole (Saranac Lake, New York) on Valentine’s Day 2009, Zoograss (released Jan. 12th) is one of those live albums that will turn into a word-of-mouth sensation as the rhythm of time passes.  The legendary music venue has come to be known as the headquarters of the gonzo bluegrass quartet. Filled with rowdy, foot stomping Adirondack locals (and plenty of drinks to drown a small army), the ambiance aligned perfectly with the overzealous approach of the Massachusetts group.

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